Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's Denim Jacket Diversity Awareness Month

From left to right: Momotaro, Big John, Rag & Bone, Pure Blue Japan; Bottom: The Hill-Side, Japan Blue, Naked and Famous, Iron Heart
Okay, no it's not, but with February apparently also being "National Children's Dental Health Month," this doesn't seem like that far of a stretch (and is definitely more interesting). When you picture a denim jacket in your head, there's a large chance that image will be a Type III jacket aka the Levi's "Trucker" developed in the 1960's (see below). But if you restrict your view to only that design, you would be missing out on a wealth of other interesting options out there - even within the same family.

The Classics 

The iconic Levi's Type III Trucker is easily recognizable by the pointed flap pockets, tapered vertical double-line stitching, and slim fitting proportions. It's a style that has been carried forward in time so faithfully that it has barely changed, if at all, over the years - even when interpreted by more contemporary brands into their own translations.

Type III Trucker - Levi's Vintage Clothing
Grandfather of the the Type III, the one pocket Levi's Type I was first seen in the early 1900's and features front vertical "knife pleats" with box stitching overlying, a lower chest pocket with a higher horizontal chest stitch line, and a cinch at the back waist.

Type I Jacket - Levi's Vintage Clothing

The Type II, entering the market in 1953, kept the knife pleats and basic makeup but added double chest pockets and replaced the cinch back with simpler waist adjusters. The jacket also featured bar tack stitched reinforcement for durability.

Friday, February 12, 2016

No Man Walks Alone - Extra 20% Off Final Sale

No Man Walks Alone has one of the best menswear collections in America, hands down. They've been running a clearance sale after the holidays, and those items are now an extra 20% off with code EXTRA20SALE (all items final sale). Keep in mind, these are not the types of clothes anyone would say are cheap, but many of these items are investment type pieces.

Some winter sale picks and LINK TO THE SALE:




Luigi Bianchi Mantova Air Force blue flannel Polo Coat - $613.20 after discount

All the right details, superb construction, and classic design in a versatile navy Vitale Barberis Canonico wool flannel. Turnback cuffs, martingale belt back, etc.





Monitaly Shawl Collar Belted Field Coat with Wool Lining - $381.60 after discount

A brand that once again proves the Japanese have taken Americana and elevated it to another level. Not the most versatile jacket, but as a character piece it's gorgeous (plain army green version available as well). Wearing without the belt turns it into more of a badass shawl peacoat, but I really like the look together.

Found: Rag & Bone Jeans (for Old Navy prices)

This weekend, Nordstrom Rack's Clear the Rack Event gets you an extra 25% off clearance items. The online sale is pretty underwhelming, but the brick and mortar in Center City Philadelphia has a good amount of Rag & Bone - including a pair of black RB 23X jeans in what feels like a 13 oz weight and another lighter weight pair of khaki Standard Issue Fit 3 jeans I picked up.

Price - $34.69 and $29.98. That's cheaper than Uniqlo cheaper than Gap, cheaper than anyone but H&M or Old Navy on most days.

Kinda makes me wanna...makes me wanna...

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Grailed to Start Charging Sales Fee for Newly Posted Items on 12:00 PM 2/5/2016

Grailed has become very popular in just a few short years since its inception with guys trying to sell their used style merchandise at a site with a more curated selection and discerning customer base than marketplaces like eBay. Better, that service has been free up until now. Here's an excerpt from a Complex interview in Jan 2015:

Wow, so with each sale does Grailed make a percentage of the transaction? How is it making money?

It’s all free right now, other than the processing cut Paypal takes. We’re just trying to spread the site as much as possible, since it was just me working on the site, the initial costs weren’t super high. Now that the site is getting more traffic and it’s becoming more popular, we probably have to re-think that in the new year. Right now we’re still focused on spreading the message and getting people to use it.​

Starting tomorrow, the secondhand sales site is going to start charging a 6% sales fee for newly listed items (in addition to PayPal fees), starting at noon tomorrow. While understandable to support their site and business, it will be interesting to see how this affects their market going forward.

Here is a transcript of the e-mail sent out today:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

In Review: Shoepassion Jodhpur - What's in a Name?

First thing's first:  "______passion" is a horrible name for anything in general, and likewise "Shoepassion" is a horrible name for a shoe company. It's a bad enough name that I'd be almost embarrassed to tell it to someone who asked me who made my shoes, and it's a bad enough name that it should have been nixed at the start with a simple "no, that's horrible" by any number of people involved. Now that that's out of the way, I can say they make a quality pair of boots at a very competitive price.