Monday, December 26, 2016

WTF/Merry Christmas Pt 2 - Barneys Warehouse Clearance is Stacking (60% off + 40% off)?!

I didn't have any intention of double posting today, but someone messed up big time. I don't know how long this is going to last, but the clearance section at Barneys Warehouse is currently stacking sale and clearance discounts on top of each other.

I was clicking around some of the extra 60% off clearance stuff and put a Tomorrowland blazer in my cart when I noticed it wasn't the price I thought it was going to be. Instead of ~$215 in my cart at 60% off, it was showing at $129 (with free shipping) and both 40% and 60% off stacking. WTF.

This is working on some Boglioli jackets, Zanone knits (same company family as Incotex, which is also in clearance), Margaret Howell, Tomorrowland, Luciana Barbera etc. - whatever is in clearance right now seems to be fair game *correction* - most stuff is stacking, but there are random items that just receive an extra 60% off only.

Virgin wool Boglioli - showing $215 shipped in cart

Be aware, unlike the Mr. Porter sale, the clearance stuff here is not eligible for returns, but at these levels of what I can only assume are mistake discounts, this is worth a leap of faith in some cases. I ended up picking up that Tomorrowland jacket, and even considered doubling down on two sizes to sell the one that didn't fit me. Selection right now on the site is not amazing (and things seem to be moving fast), as you might have guessed, but there are some interesting things sitting around there that are worth fooling around with in your cart if nothing else. This "60% off clearance" event runs through Jan 1, but it's unclear if the stacking is here to stay for the time being.

Link to the Clearance Section


*Note - it may be worth taking a look at your credit card's return protection policy as well. Some cards, like AMEX, are famous for their return protection which includes final sale items. The Chase Visa card I have as well offers a similar service, which I just spent 20 min on the phone confirming includes final sale purchases as well (though somehow "formal" attire is excluded for some reason) before I ordered that jacket again in a size up. Japanese sizing kills me.

Mr. Porter Semi-Annual Sale Begins

I don't stay up or get up early for many things, but the Mr. Porter sale is one of them - and the first salvo just dropped. As an avid deal hunter cursed with a taste for higher quality pieces and interesting design, there just aren't that many sales that hit all of those points. Usually, you can either have a killer deal or you can pay a premium at less of a discount for items or brands that rarely go on sale. But twice a year, like clockwork, you can count on the Mr. Porter sale to merge the two (though I would caution you that killer deal does not always = cheap). It's a magical time of the year that the heavens seem to whisper in my ear, "treat yoself."

The sale drops with an initial 30-50%, during which times the best deals are usually found on classic things that don't often hit those types of discounts. On an initial survey, that would be something like these Schott A-2 bombers at 40-50% off or this Filson bag.

Expect this to be gone today
A couple years ago I bought my own naked Perfecto at 50% off during the winter sale, and I'm still as in love as the day I first saw - saw it (sorry, my wires are getting a little crossed). Mind you, it was still an investment, but I really can see myself growing old with her it.

But wait, there's more! The way I approach the Mr. Porter sale progression (it lasts weeks), it reminds me of being on the OBGYN labor and delivery service. The analogy is painfully obvious, so I'm not going to explain it. Jk - so when you're on a labor and delivery ward, it seems like everyone is sitting around waiting around for forever, and then BAM! a switch flips (or a cervix dilates, or whatever) and it's suddenly all panic and screaming and pushing and pooping.

Right now we're smack dab in the middle of a panic and pooping stage, but after this initial dump the wise thing is to relax for a bit until the next stock dump happens or discounts hit the next tier (eventually 70-80%). That usually takes a couple weeks, with intermittent stock changes. Once 70-80% happens though, immediately resume the panic and screaming. That's when I bought my Kapital peacoat last year. Each of these checkpoints is a mad scramble - enough so that the hottest items are gone in minutes/hours (for something "lower" priced like first quality Red Wings below $200), though there's plenty of deals to be had all around. Even with all the interesting stuff I've found so far, for example, I'm not sure I'm going to buy anything myself in this phase - that Camoshita coat below makes me wanna marry it, but $800 is no joke. Just be aware that there are straight savages out there who set up bots and page monitors, etc. and plan for this sale months in advance - so if you're waffling about something, you may miss out.
Please gift me this

By the way, the other thing that makes this sale so great is that shipping and returns remain free, so there is literally zero risk incurred in purchasing something you're not sure about. That's pretty rare in hard-hitting clearance sales.

A few more initial picks (updated as I find more):

Blackmeans Leather Jacket

Link to the Main Sale Page


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Back From Japan

I just got back from a two week trip to Japan over the weekend (which was amazing) and have been pretty busy getting caught up with work as well as getting up to speed on my new, overpriced laptop (hint: it has a touch bar). Hopefully I can crunch through some of my photos and write down some thoughts in the near future.

Stay tuned for more to come on some adventures/misadventures in secondhand shopping, indigo dyeing, and learning the lay of the land in one of the most interesting menswear environments in the world. Until then, this comment from a Hypebeast post about an indigo shop in Kyoto lends an approximation of my impression on Japanese culture post visit (maybe not the exact wording):