WTF/Merry Christmas Pt 2 - Barneys Warehouse Clearance is Stacking (60% off + 40% off)?!

I didn't have any intention of double posting today, but someone messed up big time. I don't know how long this is going to last, but the clearance section at Barneys Warehouse is currently stacking sale and clearance discounts on top of each other.

I was clicking around some of the extra 60% off clearance stuff and put a Tomorrowland blazer in my cart when I noticed it wasn't the price I thought it was going to be. Instead of ~$215 in my cart at 60% off, it was showing at $129 (with free shipping) and both 40% and 60% off stacking. WTF.

This is working on some Boglioli jackets, Zanone knits (same company family as Incotex, which is also in clearance), Margaret Howell, Tomorrowland, Luciana Barbera etc. - whatever is in clearance right now seems to be fair game *correction* - most stuff is stacking, but there are random items that just receive an extra 60% off only.

Virgin wool Boglioli - showing $215 shipped in cart

Be aware, unlike the Mr. Porter sale, the clearance stuff here is not eligible for returns, but at these levels of what I can only assume are mistake discounts, this is worth a leap of faith in some cases. I ended up picking up that Tomorrowland jacket, and even considered doubling down on two sizes to sell the one that didn't fit me. Selection right now on the site is not amazing (and things seem to be moving fast), as you might have guessed, but there are some interesting things sitting around there that are worth fooling around with in your cart if nothing else. This "60% off clearance" event runs through Jan 1, but it's unclear if the stacking is here to stay for the time being.

Link to the Clearance Section

*Note - it may be worth taking a look at your credit card's return protection policy as well. Some cards, like AMEX, are famous for their return protection which includes final sale items. The Chase Visa card I have as well offers a similar service, which I just spent 20 min on the phone confirming includes final sale purchases as well (though somehow "formal" attire is excluded for some reason) before I ordered that jacket again in a size up. Japanese sizing kills me.


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