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Kapital Archive at Grailed - The Koolest Kapital Kollection This Side of the Kountry

Behold the alliteration, and tremble at the sight of the most extensive Kapital capsule collection that's possibly ever existed in this hemisphere. Brought to us by Middleman via Grailed, the sale dropped today, consisting of everything from pants to pajamas and parkas. But despite everything being for sale, this exhibit is much more than just a chance to spend an inordinate amount of money on Kapital products. I don't plan on buying anything myself, and prices are generally Western prices (aka more expensive) versus what you can get proxied from Japan if you're particularly motivated and patient, but the gallery is worth the price of admission of a few minutes just to click through for the breadth and selection of what they have on offer. 
In the introduction to the collection, Middleman expressed a desire to showcase some of the deeper cuts in Kapital's line up. In particular, the Kountry sub-line is on full display, and features pieces you would be hard pressed to …

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