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In Review - W.P. Standard "Mr. Grumpy" Leather Slippers

I don't care at all for those moccasin-style house slippers you find everywhere - brown, sherpa-lined pillowy rectangles, cheap and floppy, with the same sort of lumpy silhouette and structure you get from a marshmallow that's been stepped on. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're comfortable in the same way people who live their lives in basketball shorts and sweats would argue they're comfortable, but they're just not for me. It can be difficult to find much else, though, even if you're looking. I haven't quite convinced myself I can wear Prince Albert slippers, for one (not to be confused with a Prince Albert piercing, before you start recklessly Googling). Similarly, Kilim slippers, though interesting and attractive, can also be hard to find in reliable sizing, nice styling, and affordable prices. So when I came across W.P. Standard's "Mr. Grumpy" slippers this past winter, they immediately struck my eye. After a season of wear, I&…

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