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Steal Alert - Chippewa 1939 Service Boot $89.99 (!)

I don't mean to post so many sales lately, but it would be negligent to not mention that Sierra Trading Post just dropped a lot of Chippewa 1939 Service Boots in black, burgundy, and tan Horween Chromexcel in all sizes for as low as $89.99 with 99 cent shipping. The regular Chippewa Service Boot is a decent pair of workboots somewhat akin to the Wolverine 1000 Mile but at a slightly lower price point and passable construction - not bad, but not to Red Wing level of build in my opinion. The 1939 line, however, uses Horween Chromexcel leather, supposedly better construction, a 270 degree welt vs 360, leather insole vs Teflon, and speedhooks for the top lacing. They're normally more expensive as well, around Iron Ranger/Beckman prices, but for whatever reason STP decided $119.99 was reasonable. They were wrong. It's unreasonably cheap, and at $89.99 with coupon code it's a flat out steal.

I gave my 25% off codes away for the day but should have some tomorrow or the day a…

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