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Sale Alert - eBay 20% Off - Eidos Carlo Coats $383

eBay is traditionally very stingy with blanket sales, but today they're running a sitewide 20% off promotion up to a $100 discount that basically applies to anything but coins, paper money/gift cards, etc. If you have certain items you've been watching in your wish list, this would be a great time to jump on them. For instance, most Eidos Napoli fans know that they typically unload stock, especially outerwear, at pretty decent prices on eBay. Currently, there are a lot of Carlo wrap coats (the wonderful belted oversized coats from last season) and Aliano DB coats up for sale at $429 + $40 shipping, but with the discount that brings us to $383 shipped - somewhat comparable to sample sale prices from last season. Add in a current Ebates cashback of 8% for clothing/accessories, and that's another $30 bucks off. The eBay sale applies to items >$25, and ends at 8 PM PST, discount code: PSPRING20. 

FYI, if you've never used a cashback program before, there's literally…

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