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Steal Alert - Wallace and Barnes Big Drops (Shirts/Jackets < $20)

Link to Sale - Extra 35% off and Free Shipping with Rewards and Code FAMILY I recently posted about how the vintage and workwear-oriented Wallace and Barnes is still excellent, but a lot of the items from J. Crew's W&B collection just took a couple large, sequential drops into straight up steal territory over the past few days. I feel conflicted about it, actually - the consumer side is very excited about the fantastic value, but the menswear side of me is a bit worried about what that potentially portends about selling workwear in the mainstream space. In any case, it's happened and the prices are just silly - sub $20 for a lot of items shipped, and a bonus in store if you can find them (read on below).

You have to trust me on this (ignore the fit pic entirely, where they look rather stupid - look at the product pics for a better representation of the fabric and non-Mexican street gang buttoning), but these heavy herringbone twill workshirts are some of the best things ou…

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