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Things I'm Excited About This Fall

  In the last year, I've taken a large step back purchasing clothing and engaging in "the hunt" to the level I was previously accustomed to. A global pandemic and a new child have a tendency to blow up your priorities and really, I just don't need much these days. But when the weather starts cooling down, it's hard not to get excited about clothes. I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about some things I'm looking forward to. Uniqlo U   Remember when J. Crew was aspirational? When they stocked brands in store like Chimala and when Wallace and Barnes was inspired? Remember GAP x GQ's Best New Menswear Designers collections? Or when Brooks Brothers' aesthetic was Brooks Brothers' aesthetic? Remember when Aaron Levine helmed Club Monaco, and when he made us actually walk into Abercrombie & Fitch stores again for the first time since we were in high school? Truth be told, I'll still check in with new seasons here and there, but for th

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