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On Reframing Our Approach to Eyeglasses

Frames: Jacques Marie Mage, Hat: Vintage, Coat - Kapital As a child of the 1990s, my family would gather around the warm glow of the TV screen every Friday to watch "TGIF," a family-oriented series of sitcoms including shows such as  Full House and Family Matters . It's funny how some memories stick with you while others fade away, but to this day I can still hear Steve Urkel's mosquito-like voice in my head and vividly picture his hiked-up cropped pants and gigantic glasses (ironically, this is kind of how I like to dress now). Those steeped in Family Matters  lore will undoubtedly also remember "Stefan Urquelle," Steve's suave alter ego, whose transformation from uber-geek to smooth lady-killer basically amounted to standing up straight, speaking in a lower voice, and losing the suspenders and spectacles. We grew up with movies and TV shows telling us that the kid in glasses was always either the nerdy kid or an otherwise-pretty girl who just neede

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