Don't Sleep on Sierra Trading Post

I don't think it's all that much of a secret to seasoned deal hunters that Sierra Trading Post can be a goldmine if you catch things at the right time.  If you sign up for their DealFlyer emails (which I would recommend) they will send you extra discount codes as well.  The discounts vary pretty drastically, but keeping track of a few items/brands can pay off.  A few weeks ago I posted an extra discount that brought Wolverine 1000 Mile seconds to ~$160 shipped (there is actually a pair at this second in Size 13 black and a tan Centennial in 11) and there were a ton of sizes.  I recently also got a Barbour Tailored Waxed Sylkoil Sapper (in size small) for $84 + shipping.  Booyah.

A couple of things to note:

#1 - STP stocks everything from Isaia and Incotex to weird fedoras and iPhone covers that somehow come up under "clothing."  It can be a bit like trying to find a needle in an huge stack of ugly and unfortunate pieces of hay if you don't know what you're looking for.  I would suggest reviewing the brand list once and make a note of it for the future so you don't have to waste more time later trying to filter through a lot of nonsense.

#2 - The discount codes vary a lot.  Sometimes the discount details may say they exclude
certain items but the coupon code will still apply.  Also, some discount emails will include clearance or closeouts, and others will not.  The additional discount will change in % often as well.  Unlike most retailers, coupon codes can change daily and most items will see some sort of additional discount often.  I am subscribed through two email addresses (I couldn't get my first subscription to work again for a while after I initially unsubscribed a year ago), and they get different email flyers for some reason with different offers.

#3 - If you're a size large, in general you win.

I'll try and post deals that seem like a bargain as they come down the line.

**Update 2017** - STP sent out a letter last year stating they were moving away from the constant variable coupon model, and true to their word it seems that gone are the days of the 35-40% off codes. New subscribers as well have noted that they don't have the same codes that longtime customers are still receiving, which are capped usually at 25% off. So if you're looking for a 25% off code, I still get them - just send me a message and I'll likely have one you can use. Otherwise, STP still runs heavy clearances from time to time that require no extra discounts.


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