Mr. Porter Sale

Kingsman Black Watch Waxed Cotton Field Jacket by Mackintosh

The Mr. Porter sale has been going on for a little while, but that does not mean it's not worth tracking. For those not familiar with Mr. Porter, they are an online menswear store that carries well-known quality brands from all over, including everything from perennial favorites like A.P.C. and Gitman Vintage to some really cool Japanese brands I've been interested in getting my hands on. In general, they do a great job of stocking good investment pieces.  Here is how the sale works:

Initially the discounts will be anywhere from 30-50%, which will later progress to much deeper discounts as the sale goes on. Popular items will sell out quickly, but due to Mr. Porter's very good return policy items will go in and out of stock. If you are willing to put in the time, you can get yourself some great pieces at even better prices. Things in high demand (and those that are not discounted often) have a tendency to sell out fast, so as always try to know what it is you want and what you're willing to pay before you're put on the spot. Once sales start hitting 70% good pieces will often sell out in hours if not minutes. I've had my eye on that Mackintosh for Mr. Porter Black Watch jacket pictured above, but all sizes are still available meaning it may be prudent to wait for deeper discounts to come.

Last season I was able to pick up a Schott Hand Oiled Perfecto, which has become one of my favorite items I've ever owned, at a steal price of 50% off.

Mr. Porter Sale


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