Barbour Ashby in Sizes XS, S, and M for Sale on STP

It's rare that size small/medium Barbour makes its way into the STP pile and a lot of Barbour stuff that is in there in the larger sizes is not very palatable.

But lo and behold, the Barbour Ashby is available on Sierra Trading Post at a starting price of $179.95 with an extra 20% off with code SITEBIG715 in olive XS and navy S and M.  Usually STP will send out bigger discount coupons to bring the price down 30-40%, sometimes with shipping deals as well.  If you feel like you need this and are happy with $158 shipped using the 20% off code (which from a cursory search is already the best price I've seen it for) I would get it now as they're listed as "almost gone" in all sizes.   **See below for updated pricing

100% waxed cotton with 100% cotton tartan liner (Made in Tunisia, not in UK if that is a dealbreaker).  Standard Barbour stuff in one of their more classic jackets.

I haven't posted this to the forum deals pages as I'm going to start making an effort to do it here first from now on.  Let me know if you end up picking this up.  If I didn't already get the Barbour Sapper for a great deal a few months ago I would have been taking a very close look at this myself.  If it's still here in a few days and they start adding additional discounts to it, I can't promise I can hold off the urge.

The struggle is real.

**Update - As expected, just got a keycode in my email for 35% off, bringing the total cost to $130.92.  Contact me if you need it.


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