Apolis on Nordstrom Rack (Including Chore Coats, Clearance Alpaca Wool Sweater)

A lot of new Apolis items just showed up on Nordstrom Rack, including three versions of the perennial favorite Chore Coat in cotton and linen blends, priced at $169.97 down from $298.  Chore coats rarely show up on substantial markdown, and this is one of the better prices I've seen on them.

There was a recent thread about Apolis changing the makeups of their chore coat fabric (for fit, longevity, and dyeing purposes apparently - no more 100% wool models), so make sure you read the descriptions carefully before taking the plunge.  It seems there are more synthetic blends in their product lineup as of late, but admittedly I'm not a long term customer of theirs so I can't say for sure.

The pick of the bunch for me is the Co-op Alpaca Crew Neck Sweater, made from 100% Peruvian alpaca wool. That stuff is usually pretty pricey - stores like J. Crew brag about Alpaca blends that usually only contain something like 10% alpaca.  It's also much nicer in person than in the stock pictures.  Clearance priced at $57.60 in XS only.  I've been trying to convince myself I could squeeze myself into it, but you can only suck it in so much for so long.

 For a look at an Apolis item I own, check out my review of the moleskin button-under shirt here.


  1. Chore coat seems very nice and warm. And i like the price tag, which is comparatively less than the market rates. Sweater is also very comfortable and elegant. And thanks for sharing the Apolis review link.


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