Barneys Warehouse - Schott Perfecto, Crockett and Jones, Naked and Famous, APC and more

Barneys Warehouse recently restocked with a lot of products to chew through.  I've had my eye on a few things, but an extra 20-30% off on select items + someone posting the deal to reddit forced my hand a bit earlier than I would have liked.  BW will routinely put up extra 30-40% off, etc., with a recent 75% off clearance (nothing worthwhile there or I would have posted it).  Here are some highlights:

Schott Lightweight Naked Hand Oiled Perfecto $351

For the love of God, someone buy this. I own this, and it's probably my favorite piece of clothing hands down. I bought it for $525, which was a great deal from the original $1095. Barneys Warehouse is listing it as a waxed jacket, which it's not. It's hand oiled choice aniline leather, built like a tank. At $351 it's a steal. Only available in XS, which is a true XS (I wear a S at 6', 155 lbs and it fits snugly).

(A pic of mine above in the title)

Naked and Famous

There's a pretty cool NF and Miansai collaboration up there also, if Weird Guy fits you well (room in the top block, tapered leg). Some Stacked Guy and Super Skinny Guy available as well. For size charts, try Tate and Yoko or Blue Owl.

Crockett and Jones

A pretty good price on C&J - These are NOT on extra sale as of now, though sizes have been going fast.


Word on the street is that APCs stretch like crazy, but are known as a gateway denim due to very popular fits. This is the skinniest one (one of the more popular fits) and at a price I haven't seen APC at before.

While you're there, take a look around. Great stuff like Drakes ties for $59 and a lot of other gems for good prices. If you can wait it out and the item isn't moving, wait. Once 30-40% hits, you can get some screaming deals.


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