Chester Mox: #53 Compact Bi-Fold Wallet on Massdrop

I'm a fan of Massdrop, particularly Ian Anderson's input on some of the menswear products and goods they've offered in the past, like the Don't Mourn! Organize bridle leather belt I bought a while back that's quickly become my favorite by a long margin. Looks like they're at it again, this time with an offering from Chester Mox, an American leather goods company receiving rave reviews around the community. Bellanie Salcedo, the co-owner and co-founder of Chester Mox, completed an apprenticeship under a master craftsman and has been hand painting, hand saddle stitching, hand burnishing and buffing some beautiful pieces of leather into wallets, bags, and accessories with quality and craftsmanship that supposedly rivals such houses as Hermes and outright bests many others at multiple times the cost. Needless to say, when I saw these compact bi-folds on the Massdrop page being made with a beautiful horse front Horween Chromexcel (there are also cowhide Chromexcel options in many shades as seen below) for $88.89 shipped I couldn't pass it up, even though the full-grain Tumi wallet my wife gave me a few years ago has admittedly been holding it's own admirably (I can use two wallets, c'mon).

Not the Bi-Fold Wallet, but all the CXL variations offered (first 3 are cowhide)

The run is limited to 150 units, or until Oct 12th - whichever comes first (looks like there are only ~50 spots left with 6 days remaining, so I would jump on it if you're interested. 

If you aren't already on Massdrop, joining is free and there's no annoying subscription service or anything like that. It just gives you the ability to get in on great group buys like this. Here's a referral link where you can sign up if you aren't registered already.

The only "downside" is items like this are made to order (which I think is actually a positive thing), so there's a lag time between your purchase and when you get your product. Good things come to those who wait. Expect to see pictures and impressions when it arrives (estimated Ship date Nov 6). We'll talk about saddle stitching, see if these hold up to scrutiny, and shoot some leather porn.

More reviews on Chester Mox products here and here to find out a little more about what makes these products worth your attention.

*Update 10/22/15 - this drop has long ended, but Massdrop is taking requests to repeat the drop on the product page. Bellanie has also been amazing with uploading progress pics of the work ongoing. It's really interesting to see the wallets in different stages of production, and something that makes the process all the more personal and special. Can't wait to get mine shortly.


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