Corter Leather Bracelet Pack - First Impressions

Bought a Spring Bracelet Pack (two included) from Corter Leather the other day. They're made using surplus belting leather and finished with a solid brass stud closure. The leather itself is an assortment of vegetable tanned harness, latigo, and bridle leather of varying shades and thickness (grab bag style), and measures about 5/8" in the middle of each bracelet, tapering to 1/4" at the ends.

Leather bracelet in natural finish

There are two sizing holes on each bracelet. With about a 6.5" wrist, I was expecting the large to be way too big, but it actually works fine when closed on the tighter configuration (the small I wear on the longer hole).  Of note, there's not really any edge finishing to speak of, though it's hard to expect that at this price. I received one in what appears to be a reddish latigo and one tan saddle, judging by the belting pictures.

The Latigo and Saddle Tan I received

The latigo is slightly thinner and more pliable, the tan strap being a beefier bit of leather with a higher gloss finish.  The middle of the strap is fairly wide in person and, I would suggest, begs to be embossed/stamped in some manner (the Corter fish hook logo, perhaps?).  Otherwise, in my opinion I think the bracelet would probably be better as a one-width piece (at the narrower width). In any case, good leather often speaks for itself, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my pieces age.

Corter Leather was started in 2007 by Eric Heins out of his college room in Boston, MA and is currently based out of Cape Cod, MA.  All products are made entirely by hand in the strictest sense (without any power machinery and completely hand-stitched where required) in the shop, including some great looking wallets, utility belts, and some popular small goods like this awesome bottlehook. It's great seeing so many quality leatherworkers to choose from these days.  I've also spent some time browsing through Corter's Instagram account, which offers a peek behind the curtain of their operation. 
Corter leather bracelets in production (Corter Instagram)
Despite mixed reviews that seem to surface every time they release their seasonal grab bags (mostly in regards to customer service in the past), based on my limited experience I'd be more than willing to try Corter Leather again. My bracelets were shipped quickly and arrived promptly without any issue. That being said, I try and always be thorough and well-researched before I recommend something to others, and I can't attest to further insight on that matter. The bracelet pack is currently priced at $9 + free shipping w/ code "shipfreeUSA" (code still active as of posting time). That's a pretty fair price - around the price H&M charges for their bracelets, to put it in perspective.

*Bonus - Looking for something a little different and more finely finished (with regards to bracelets), albeit at a higher cost? Try browsing through Ewing Dry Goods.  Every couple of months I come across one of their products online, and it makes me feel like I want to chop a redwood down with an ax, hunt deer with a long bow, and wrestle a mountain lion. Then again, I do like trees and I find deer to be a bit gamey. Sort of allergic to cats.


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