Uniqlo: Lemaire Collaboration Restocked

Uniqlo's latest collaboration with Chrostophe Lemaire (formerly of Hermes) is a study in minimalism with interesting draping, subtle detailing, and a lot of shawl collars. Though I think the women's collection is better, there are some interesting mens pieces worth looking at.

They initially sold out of everything basically within a few hours of them being released, and today silently restocked on many things on the site. Sadly, the shawl overcoat and asymmetric shawl sweater weren't included, but if you like something I'd decide quickly. Of note, only the flagship stores are carrying the collection in physical stores, so don't bother going in person to your local to see them. Prices are more expensive than normal Uniqlo pieces, but not prohibitively so and supposedly with higher quality on many of the pieces as reported by some early feedback. Really you're buying for the aesthetic, if you're into it.

I ordered the wool/cashmere pants with side adjusters and some sweats and sweaters in various fits. More impressions here when they arrive.

**Edit - Remember to check the size charts. I incorrectly assumed that it would run with standard Uniqlo sizing and size charts, and was surprised after ordering to find that that isn't the case. The wool/cashmere pants, for example, run much truer to size. Ugh. I gotta take my own advice now and again.

Here's a post with some fit advice I found helpful.

SF also has a running post with a lot of useful feedback


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