Allen Edmonds Shoebank: Brooks Brothers 2nds Models $99

Brooks Brothers 5th Ave

Allen Edmonds has dropped the price of all of their Brooks Brothers models to $99 on their Shoebank. AE makes many of their classic shoes for BB with a few differences - namely the inclusion of a combination tap sole and a poron insole (a bit more cushion) standard. Otherwise, they're the same shoes - these include the Park Ave, 5th Ave, Macneil, McAllister, Strand, etc. with various availability depending on your size.

I don't recall ever seeing prices this low - you will need to call the store to order (you can email as well, but I wouldn't risk missing out), and I would do so first thing in the morning when stores open if you're interested.

Note these are seconds quality, meaning they will usually have small cosmetic defects. I've bought shoes there that I couldn't even tell what was wrong with them before, though. Happy Thanksgiving!


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    1. I'm glad you were able to take advantage of it. I clinched my teeth through the pain and held off, with a little help from a disapproving wife. A slightly different model or color and I wouldn't have stood a chance, though.


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