Chester Mox: Back on Massdrop

Chester Mox is back on Massdrop (ahead of schedule, actually). In case you missed it, Bellanie from Chester Mox is making some of the greatest leather work out there right now. I wrote a glowing review of the one I purchased, but check out Dieworkwear/PutThisOn, FromSqualortoBaller, and if you need further recommendations. Lowest price is about $89 shipped, which is what I paid for mine and honestly I wish I had a reason to buy another. The drop is limited to 200 units, or 7 days, whichever comes sooner. The last order was filled way ahead of schedule, so if you're planning on getting in on it I'd commit sooner rather than later.

Massdrop link here. If you aren't a member (it's free to join) and wouldn't mind using a referral code, my referral link is here


  1. Leather products have always been my favorite. And Chestor Mox is my all time favorite company to buy wallets from. Gonna gift this one to my father.


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