It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Mr. Porter Sale

Private White V.C. - Moleskin Bomber
There are a constant stream of sales around all the time, but only a couple of truly notable sales a year for the good stuff - sales to really look forward to. Mr. Porter's escalating clearance sale is one of the best. Discounts start at 30-50% off, and step up to higher percentages off as the sale goes on. The sale builds as time goes on, culminating in a beautiful frenzy when insanity prices hit (but also the lowest stock of sizes). The best part is that shipping and returns are free, so there's not the risk of something like Carson Street or Unionmade's final sale clearances.

My strategy is to look at all the items, buy what I can't live without (if something like that is available and at a good price), and take note of a few things to keep my eye on if prices drop further, knowing that it could easily go out of stock as the sale goes on.

Happy hunting.


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