Eastlogue - South Korea Does Heritage Menswear?

Eastlogue A/W 2014

Double Breasted Coat in Navy Herringbone
I was browsing through Grailed last night and came across a navy coat that caught my eye - designed with with flap pockets, adjustable cuffs, horn buttons, and a handsome 5 x 2 double breasted configuration. It looked British in origin but was cut in a light 100% Japanese herringbone linen - the brand? "Eastlogue - EST in 21st Century." A quick search turned up something I didn't even know was going on - vintage-inspired menswear in Korea.

What we're accustomed to seeing in the US from Korea is usually just brought to us by Korean pop music:

Not my favorite.
Out of Asia, it's been the Japanese that have been carrying the banner in classic menswear for years. However, there's something exciting going on next door in S. Korea. Founded only a few years ago, Eastlogue was built with the mission "to reinterpret traditional sportswear and produce functional and modern clothing based on it." The result is a blend of military, casually tailored, and vintage workwear that has already started gaining attention in the community. Ventile military coats, tweed parkas, indigo denim duffle coats - it looks something like the lovechild of Private White VC, Nigel Cabourn, and Engineered Garments. Good lookin baby.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of places in the states carrying Eastlogue. Currently, the largest selection I could find is at Gentry NYC, as well as some select products at Purist in SF and Goose Barnacle in Brooklyn. There's nothing on eBay and I snapped up the only piece on Grailed.

I can only hope two things - that we see more of Eastlogue here soon, and that someone can tell me how to pronounce Eastlogue. In the meantime, I'll be waiting for my new used coat to arrive and wondering how we arrived at this point from this:

The guy on the right is correct


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