Found: Persol Polarized 714 Folding Sunglasses ($99.99)

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Bloomingdales Outlet - Philadelphia

Also Pictured: Compact Bifold - Chester Mox
The new Bloomingdales Outlet in Philly has horrible clothing (just horrible), but a ton of great sunglasses, including my favorite brand Persol (all polarized, folding and non-folding models in various shades and sizes) at $99.99, They have a number of the iconic 714 models immortalized by Steve McQueen in the 1960's. Not quite the $79.99 I found a year ago for the special edition blue lens/brown frame Steve McQueen 0714, but I like these slightly slimmer and lighter 9714S models more actually (and there's a lot more variety to choose from in store as of today). I also snatched up a black pair of nonfolding 9649S as well. 

For comparison, Amazon sells nonpolarized 714 versions for $130's with polarized lenses starting around $150's and climbing.
Bonus Find - British brand Church Caldecott II custom-grade suede wingtip boots there as well possibly as low as $110's on extra 50% discount this past weekend


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