Inventory Magazine to Stop Publishing

It seems painfully timely that we were just discussing the lack of quality menswear and style magazines just a few short days ago. I recently signed up for notifications in hopes of subscribing to future editions of Inventory Magazine, a biannual publication started in 2009, after getting my hands on a few copies while browsing through the Self Edge store in SF.

Company Overview:

"By offering a unique and global perspective on design, craftsmanship and culture, both forgo the temporariness of trend to instead focus on the brands, designers and artists whose bodies of work reflect a commitment to quality, and a desire for innovation. Working with established and emerging photographers, stylists and writers, the magazine places equal emphasis on accomplished journalism and beautiful imagery, and seeks to represent contemporary icons alongside future influencers."

Yesterday they sent out an email to their subscribers and posted on their site explaining that "the publishing landscape has shifted" and they are ceasing all future publications.


Mashable writer Jian Deleon wrote an interesting article at the end of 2015 about the slow death of menswear magazines that's worth a read. It also discusses the evolution of content consumption today versus what it was closer to the beginning of this menswear renaissance/revolution, noting that the "new breed of content creator is more than likely a handsome guy who looks good in a suit or whatever featured product is gifted to him, a stark contrast from the clothing nerd of five years ago. In many ways, it’s indicative of a dumbing down of what #menswear stood for, 'get the look' versus 'get the story.'" I have to say it's something I've noticed myself through many forum comments and postings, especially within the younger generation. I personally always want to know the story - I think that's vital to truly appreciate any product. In that sense, I'm proud to be the clothing nerd of five years ago.


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