Nordstrom Clear the Rack - Extra 25% Off Picks

Nordstrom Rack runs a "Clear the Rack" event every couple months or so, which includes the online storefront (prices as marked online, in store extra 25% off red and blue tag clearance). Prices and availability usually are better in store, which is where I got my last Rag & Bone jeans and chinos for around $30. Looking through all 3000+ items can be somewhat of a chore, but there are some real gems in there if you look carefully.

I can't spend anything at the moment as I ended up picking up that Monitaly shawl collar field coat from NMWA during their winter clearance sale (it's awesome) and I'm not looking to incur any additional matrimonial wrath. Your situation may differ. You may also notice my main picks are all heavier weight/colder weather items, which makes sense. If you buy end of season/out of season, your yield will be generally higher for the price.

Inis Meain Oatmealaron Cable Knit Sweater - $149.98

For reference, Aliotsy from posted a deal with Inis Meain sweaters in the $200's at Club Monaco, and that was considered a good deal. For an 80% baby Alpaca (if you've never owned Alpaca before, it is amazing) and 20% silk blend woven in a versatile charcoal, this sweater is an instant win. Be aware there's only one in medium, and also be aware that many say to size up one from your normal size, so I'd call this a small by normal standards.

*AM update - as expected, looks like that was snatched up

I attribute the wide availability of this Japanese brand's piece to the horrible photos Nordstrom has been known to take of their products - so much so that I went and found some better ones. This is the same coat that was featured on Mr. Porter and sold out during their last sale at a higher price, if memory serves me.



Eidos Napoli Suede Varsity (and Shirting) - $374.98

Who's ever heard of an Eidos leather piece going for this kind of price? It's shockingly low for the brand, honestly. I've had my eye on the Eidos stock at NR ever since last season's pieces disappeared from Nordstrom's site and quietly popped up in the clearance section at NR a month or so ago. This is a great deal, and I envy you if you're a large. Eidos shirting is also on sale starting at under $100, which is also some of the lowest prices you'll see, though admittedly still high for many (including myself).

Also found during browsing - a lot of GANT/Rugger/Bastian pieces (ok prices), Brooks Brothers (good prices on a lot of shirting if you know your fits), Saturdays Surf NYC (I have to admit, I'm not that big of a fan though I know many find them to their liking), and Incotex (good prices but some more offbeat colors and sizing is known to be tricky/more true to measured sizing). I flipped through all 38 pages of clearance, but it's possible I missed some good stuff in there so let me know if I skipped over anything (I also pressed "undo" on Blogger while editing and it deleted my entire post so I had to do redo much of it from memory). I'd also recommend checking out your local store, as stock and prices can vary quite a bit, and usually in favor of the brick and mortar. Happy hunting.


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