Bloomingdales Private Sale Picks - Some Stacking Goodness

Tiered sales as some of my least favorite sales in general - you have to hit a certain threshold to make it worth your while, and often the discounts at those thresholds aren't that great. However, Bloomingdales is running a pretty good one right now that stacks with further discounts. I've run a few items through to checkout, and there are some really good prices out there. Now through 4/25, the sale automatically takes 20% off when you spend $249-499, 25% off $500-999, and 30% off $1000 on select items. This stacks with another discount that takes $25 off every $100 per product using SHOP25, and it works on sale items as well with free shipping over $150.

Keep in mind you have to hit a threshold of $250 to enter the conversation (so that usually means shoes and outerwear for me), but the rewards are pretty high. Picks below.

Buttero Tanino Mid - $160.06

I absolutely love my Buttero Tanino lows in dark brown, but if I had to pick another I would pick exactly these. Tuscan leather, off white margom sole, padded collar, cotton laces through brass eyelets. They're gorgeous. If they were in my size I would have bought them this morning and started working on a circuitous and meandering logic argument I would then present to the wife as they arrived in the mail explaining why I needed another pair. These sneakers are beyond awesome, and this price is as close to as good as it gets. Review here with fit pics (size down a size if you're not familiar). If you like a black sole that's available as well.

Alfred Sargent Captoe - $249.74

Alfred Sargent generally sits a notch above Allen Edmonds and in the conversation with C&J, etc. So when you get attractive AS models at Allen Edmonds sale prices it's something worth taking a very close look at. I picked up a pair of AS grey suede double monks last year and they are fantastic (review here). Great brogues and an elegant monkstrap here as well.

Wolverine 1000 Mile - $175.96 and $191.86

Though Sierra Trading Post occasionally stocks Wolverine 1000 Miles, those are all seconds quality and availability is usually scarce. 1000 Miles are in the holy pantheon of workwear footwear, and this is as good a price as you'll see for a long time. 

I'd personally go for the slightly pricier Courtland model over the standard 1000 Mile boot, which is reminiscent of the lovechild of a Wolverine Alden Indy boot. In fact, I just sent the link to my brother as he's been looking for a boot of this style but hasn't been able to find anything as this sort of thing rarely goes on such deep sale. 

Skip the Addison. Not sure what that's about.

Christian Kimber x Eidos Loafer - $190.27

I love Australian-based Christian Kimber footwear from what I've seen around the net. Better yet, they teamed up with Eidos Napoli for a great capsule collection that includes pieces like the loafer here, as well as some really nice chukkas and an interesting waxed field boot.

Eidos Napoli Tuxedo Jacket - $276.66

Full canvas construction, premium fabric in a midnight blue wool with black boucle lapels, and Italian elegance in a price that rivals a J. Crew sale. It's pretty much too good to be true, right?

Actually, yeah, kinda. There's potentially a real game breaker here: just where are the pants? Trying to match this orphan jacket to a pair of pants is a likely nightmare, though the best of us may be able to pair it as a dinner jacket alone without worrying about finding a match. There's another Eidos Napoli full set tuxedo, not on prior sale, for $891.99 in a very subtle windowpane fabric (not classic, but nice looking nonetheless). That's ok I guess for pricing, though not coming close to the level of price offered by the first piece.

Keep in mind that there are more promotions you can catch by looking at items that aren't already on sale, though the level of discount will generally be much less than prior discounted items. Look for the "Buy More, Save More" label under the items to see which qualify for promotion. The site is a real pain in the butt to navigate, but definitely worth a look. Happy hunting.


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