Found - Levi's Vintage Clothing and Gitman Vintage (both under $50)

I was doing my normal rounds this week in Philadelphia, and came across a couple great finds at Century 21 (Center City).

Levi's Vintage Clothing, the archival branch of Levi's, produces premium vintage models made with selvedge ring spun denim produced by Cone Mills and all the right details from Levi's archives in San Francisco. The line is fantastic and highly sought after, and I never expected to happen upon a rack of 1967 505 Selvedge Rigid Jeans (normally priced $225) next to a rack of Levi's Commuters. I usually don't even look through that part of the store with the  cheaper brands, but my shopping angel was watching over me today. Someone must have known they were different than regular Levi's because they were priced higher than the standard $30 or so, but $49.99?! Finding LVC online <$100 is rare, but $49.99 is ludicrous. Someone messed up.

Gitman Vintage has been at C21 for a couple months now, first on the website and then in brick and mortars (with online stock taken down a while ago), but now they're on clearance. That puts most shirts at $34-44 and shorts at $30's, compared to usually ~$100 on good sale online. There were a lot of crazy prints, as GV is famous for, but some great oxfords as well in standard solids with vintage detailing. Disclaimer - sizing is very inconsistent for GV. I went up a size for the oxfords, but a cotton flannel shirt was huge on me in that same size (both from Gitman Vintage, both medium). I ended up picking up an olive overdye oxford and a soft pink club collar oxford for $44.93.

Keep in mind, this is one trip out of maybe 15 or 20 that you find stuff like this, but that's why it's a game of numbers and stubborn deal-finding will. When you hit something like this, it's all worth it. There's still a good amount of all of those things available at the time of this post, though I'd guess it will get run through in the next few days.

Honorable Mention - a huge rack of Rick Owens leather jackets from $566. Awesome stuff and a crazy price if it fits into your style...penis holes aside.

Reviews on some of this haul coming in the next few weeks. In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open, my friends.

On second thought, mostly just eyes.


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