Know Your Sources

Came across this priceless old Die, Workwear! post the other day which reminded me to always be wary of a someone who never has anything negative to say about anything. When a site puts out nothing about products but glowing praise you may want to question why that is. At the very least, it should give you pause.

And that reminds me:

Don't buy a Filson watch. They're made by Shinola, a venture capital-purchased brand name that has managed to convince a fair number of people (including some watch sites I really like) that they resurrected industry in the city of Detroit out of the goodness of their hearts and that their watches should somehow cost close to what they do (it shouldn't need to be said that I wouldn't recommend a Shinola watch either). It's disappointing that Filson, with their actual hard-earned reputation for quality products at a fair price, either bought into that cult of nonsense or decided they just didn't care and wanted to cash in.

See my post here about why Shinola isn't what they pretend to be. There are plenty more around the net if you need a second opinion. Or a third.


  1. FYI - Filson is now owned by the same venture capital firm as Shinola

    1. That makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for the info.


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