Mr. Porter Semi-Annual Sale

Today marks the first day of the legendary Mr. Porter sale, a bi-annual escalating clearance sale that's one of the best hands down across the board for both price and quality of selection - extra bonus is that items are returnable per Mr. Porter's usual policies, and their customer support is excellent. The sale starts at 30-50% off and increases in stepwise fashion to discounts as high as 80% off during the finale after a few weeks. A couple winters ago I bought my Schott Hand Oiled Perfecto at 50% off during the Mr. Porter winter sale, at a price I haven't seen since.

The best strategy for this sale is to buy right now things that you can't live without or items that will not survive to make it to deeper discounts (such as these Red Wing Beckmans). Otherwise, hold on everything else for the time being.

Take your time and sift through the sale, add things to your cart and sit on them for a while until the discounts start to increase. It's hard, I know. And you have to be at peace with the fact that some things you are watching will inevitably disappear. But if you play the game right, you can score some top quality items at crazy prices.

The game is on.

Mr. Porter Main Site

Some quick picks:

These are first quality, which to compare Sierra Trading Post had seconds quality on clearance at $199 for the longest time before finally clearing out at $140. I don't think you'll do better for firsts, and these won't last. Size down 1/2 to 1 size (1/2 for me). First impressions on my Beckmans here.  **Even if these are out of stock, I'd advise checking in on them or adding them to your wishlist, seeing as sizing mistakes are common and people often return. You'll need to act quickly, though. These are probably the thing most likely to sell out quickly.

RRL Varsity

A wool/nylon blend midnight blue varsity with fantastic vintage detailing. RRL is notoriously hard to find on good discount, and this piece is my pick of the litter, though there are some other RRL items worth taking a look at also. 

Awesome jacket, though some might find the lining to be a little loud and it's currently at a price I would wait on for now, personally. Otherwise, a beautiful linen fabric with great design that reminds me of Nigel Cabourn. If you're looking for something a little more discreet, check out Private White below.

Private White V.C.Nylon Jacket

There are also some great Private White V.C. pieces available, like this nylon twin track jacket. Though I'm a little hesitant about the way nylon feels and wears, in detail pictures it appears the nylon fabric used here has a good amount of heft to it.

Kapital is known for being very strange to size, with reverse vanity sized pants/jeans and this jacket being advised to go up TWO sizes from your normal. Usually that has kept me from trying Kapital in the past, but Mr. Porter's return policy is great and minimizes risk on your end. This pea coat should only look better as you wear it, as you would expect from the Japanese indigo fetishists at Kapital. Wool work jacket also available, though I expect this one not to last.

Common Projects Achilles

CP Achilles are the minimalist shoe of this generation - enough that I feel compelled to put them in this list, but they're priced like they know it (way too much for what they are, in my opinion). On sale, these are worth a look, especially given the collective boner the world seems to have for them. Personally, I prefer my Butteros.

Beams also makes an interesting take on classic skateboard sneakers here with black rubber soles.

Pro Tip - Add things you like but aren't buying now, to your cart or watch list. Due to returns, things often come in and out of stock.


  1. I picked up two Orslow jackets and will return one or both of it.
    Also Yukuten shoes for 50% off.

    1. I've never tried Orslow before myself. What did you like/not like about it? Honestly, I have a real love for Yuketen and many things from Yuki Matsuda and Meg Company.


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