Nail Your Alden Sizing - A Styleforum Reference

Alden Parajumper boot in Shell Cordovan #8 (Frans Boone Store)

Alden is one of those companies that everyone into welted footwear wants a piece of. If you're blessed with the ability to afford a pair, you probably have some. If you're not in that position, you're pining after them. I...I am pining after them.

Alden at Epaulet New York
Once in a long while, a sale will be posted that bring Aldens down into attainable territory for guys that wouldn't otherwise be able to justify the normal cost. Those sales also get run through in a matter of minutes to hours, at most - the sort of event that make snap purchases a necessity if you don't want to get left out in the cold...Aldenless.

The guys over at Styleforum posted a useful guide to specific Alden lasts and sizing - something I'd take a look at or bookmark if you want to be in pole position when the next one hits. If you're spending time researching how to size boots you're interested in when a sale actually happens, you're not even in the game.


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