Allen Edmonds 20% Off Clearance

Now through Aug 15th, Allen Edmonds is discounting their clearance an additional 20%, leading to some incredible prices on first quality classic models like the Park Ave, Fifth Ave, and Strands. The big question is, do you like merlot?
Strand Captoe

I love it, personally. It's dark enough to be versatile and works well in most situations that a deep brown would do, but has a depth of color that can't be matched. Horween #8 would be a good comparison - perhaps the most legendary leather color ever made.

The Strand and McAllister come to $157.60, with the Park and Fifth Ave models at $189.60 with 3.5% cash back using eBates. Expect that stock isn't going to last very long.

Link to the sale (no code needed)


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