Inis Meáin at Barneys Warehouse

Inis Meáin Lookbook SS17

A lot of warm-weather Inis Meáin popped up on Barneys Warehouse, and they look awesome. That linen shawl collar, the rolled edge and melange sweaters, that sweater jacket...great classic styles with the type of texture you can almost feel through the screen. If you couldn't live without one of them and bought it now I wouldn't blame you, though linen should be generally cheaper than wool and No Man Walks Alone has a similar range on sale right now for about the same price.
Inis Meain Moss Rib Jacket
Ideally, though, Barneys Warehouse isn't about buying things on sale. Barneys Warehouse is about delaying gratification and buying things on übersale, at an extra 30-75% off sale prices as BW is known to do. For whatever reason a lot of people sleep on Barneys Warehouse, so as long as you stay reasonably on top of your game it's rare to get something you want bought out from under you.

My spider sense tells me that most of these Inis Meáin pieces should be available for a while because the prices are good but not great right now, and get nibbled at by passers by until an extra 30-50% sale comes around in a month or two. At that price they're awfully tempting. Don't forget, BW does returns now (with a restocking fee), so it's not entirely risk free but it's a lot better than the final sale it used to be.


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