Style Icons - Akihiko Nishi

The first time I saw a picture of Akihiko Nishi, aka gatsby_osaka, I think I said "holy crap." To myself out loud.

I follow a lot of stylish accounts on Instagram, but Akihiko lives in his tailored clothing with the type of quiet confidence and effortlessly grace usually exclusive to the Italians. I cringe typing "sprezzatura," an Italian buzzword hammered into the ground by the #menswear society which is roughly translated into "studied nonchalance," but Akihiko's style embodies that concept perfectly.

For anyone still suffering from the delusion that flat-front pants are the only flattering style out there, just show him some of these pictures and drop the mic.

Though my own style has been moving further into casual territory as of late, Akihiko Nishi is a real source of inspiration to anyone looking for a role model in developing a personal, expressive style - and doing it with such success that he looks equally as comfortable in a three piece suit as most guys only feel wearing a tee shirt and their favorite jeans.

After following Akihiko on Instagram  long ago, he'll occasionally like a post on my personal account of something like a picture of my dog sitting on the sidewalk, and I feel at once honored and embarrassed that I just posted another picture of a taco or something.

But just for the record, he takes pictures of his food too.

You can find gatsby_osaka here on his Instagram or his Facebook page.


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