Chester Mox Wallets Back on Massdrop

I've bought and reviewed a fair number of products since starting this site, but Chester Mox still ranks among the highest in value and quality among the items I've ever purchased. It was beautiful when I got it almost a year ago on Massdrop, and though I've been using mine daily since then it arguably looks even better today. The materials and construction are top notch and the design is understated, slim and functional. One of my favorite purchases, bar none, and one that I still get a great deal of pleasure from daily.

For the next six days, Chester Mox is back on Massdrop offering the same #53 Compact Bifold in horsefront Chromexcel for $89.99 + $7.75 shipping, but they've now also added an option for Sedgwick Bridle Leather in several colors. If you consider Chromexcel to be on the softer, more pliable side of the spectrum, English bridle feels much more rigid and unyielding. It's renowned for being tough as nails, which is why it easily makes the transition from equestrian use to other items like bags and belting. I haven't seen a bridle leather wallet in person, but I know Sedgwick bridle from belting and it's great stuff. You really couldn't go wrong with either.

One of my favorite things about the drop is that Bellanie (the maker) usually posts progress pics as things are being made in the product discussion thread, and you get to see your wallet come to life in front of your eyes. It's, I dare say, a little magical.

I also have to mention that this may be a little more than you are used to spending on a wallet, but for something that you use every single day I would consider the difference in cost to be negligible over the life of the item. I've seen people throwing away $20 here and there for wallets I can't believe anyone would pay for. I would advise spending a little more for quality gets you a product that's orders of magnitude better in every way.

Link to the Massdrop Sale


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