Weekend Steal - Gap Raw Selvedge Kaihara in Slim and Straight - $10.18 In Store

I saw this on Frugalmalefashion posted last night and checked it out this morning. It seems that Gap may be trying to kill off their current line of Japanese raw selvedge in store, which rarely went on big sale prior to this. They recently dropped the price to $16.97 and this weekend the extra 40% off applies, bringing them to a ludicrous $10.18. I wonder if Gap is trying to transition over to more stretch fabrics like Uniqlo did a few seasons ago.

I power-walked to the Gap this morning, and they had a smattering of sizes left (mostly 33W, some 31W), though when I asked them to find me a 30 x 32 they were able to scan and find a couple pairs in the back. The associate actually found two - one of this model and a previous season's version, which has a selvedge line coin pocket and a lock stitch at the hem vs. chainstitching on the hem for the current version and a plain coin pocket (both better choices, in my opinion).

The jeans fit a little larger in the waist than the normal 2" vanity to me, so I sized down to a 30 x 32. The rise is also fairly low, and they are indeed pretty slim through the leg - almost bordering on "skinny" for the slim version. My one minute assessment of the quality of build and construction are good. I've always found Gap selvedge to be underrated, and $10/pair is almost inconceivable. Here's to hoping they're not killing off this line entirely.

I'm in Philadelphia, but I've heard of people finding the same deal in different states, as well as having luck calling stores and getting them shipped for around $16 total. If you can get to a Gap or call one that will ship to you, this is one of the better raw selvedge steals to come around this year, and one I doubt will last very long for stock.


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