What's on my Wrist - Jaeger-LeCoultre

I've written about my Seagull 1963, but on my wrist today is something very different. This watch holds a lot of sentimental value for me, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Reserve de Marche. It was a wedding gift I received from my in-laws a little over two years ago, and was my first "real watch," something I spent months of time researching before settling on it.

Unfortunately, these days it just doesn't get much time on my wrist as I don't dress as tailored as I used to when I was wearing a shirt and tie to work, and I've been thinking real hard lately about passing it on so I can pick up more of a daily wearer - something like an Omega Speedmaster Professional (the "moon watch") or perhaps a Nomos joint.

Until then, still proud to wear this whenever I get the chance, especially now that jacket weather is starting to come around. Sophisticated but a little quirky with its offset and asymmetrical sub registers, I've caught myself having more than one Gollum moment staring at it. The scotch isn't bad either.


  1. Go with the Speedmaster. I have the coaxial version. Not sure how big your wrist is, but the 44.2mm case is a great size. Great everyday watch that you can dress up. You can also add a leather strap for a more casual look. You can't go wrong with this iconic watch.

  2. Ah man, I love the coaxials and I'm extremely jealous of someone that can wear one, but my wrists are around 6.5" and sometimes I feel like I can barely pull off the regular speedy pro. Tentative plan to snag one w/ the bracelet and switch to a more casual leather strap, but honestly I'm still a good bit away. A begrudging Macbook Pro purchase really took the wind out of my sails. Thanks for the advice, though. I've yet to come across anyone in the watch world that says you shouldn't get a Speedmaster. It's always the right answer.


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