Wolverine 1000 Mile from $134.99 - Extra Discounts on STP (some Red Wing Heritage included)

Sierra Trading Post issued a snail mail letter earlier this year that I promptly threw away stating they were going to try and move to a more sustainable marketing strategy that relied less on steep DealFlyer coupons that would often take 30-40% off many items daily that customers had become accustomed to. Truth be told I kind of dismissed it at the time, but seasoned customers have probably noticed that the extra discounts have indeed been fewer and far between.

That's not to say they don't still exist, though - in fact, I was able to snag my Black Cherry Featherstone Beckman seconds a little while back for ridiculously cheap ($140 shipped), even without an old-fashioned DealFlyer, using a web monitor to alert me when they went on closeout. STP seems to be using this clearance/closeout strategy more often, and I'd advise using the monitor system for that reason - it's a pretty predictable series of events: I set my page monitor --> it alerts me when the price goes down --> I buy boots --> wife yells at me --> a cool down period begins, usually taking a few months --> repeat.

Today, STP sent out an email with an extra 25% off and $.99 shipping on orders >$50 that applies to Wolverine 1000 Miles in smaller sizes (what appears to be a murdered out black Steven Alan special edition I quite like and a brown suede version) and some Red Wing Heritage models, including an amber harness Iron Ranger that promptly sold out and one of my favorite versions with a mini lug sole, though the black version remains excluded for unclear reasons. Beckmans are also excluded at the moment, though I would watch them closely over the coming weeks to months for the above reasons.

The 1000 Miles are priced at $134.99 with $.99 shipping, which is extremely low (though seconds quality) - I sized down 1/2 size from my usual 8D when I bought the Centennial model, which gives me ample space to wear mid weight socks without issue. If you're subscribed to STP emails, you likely got a code for that today. If not, use mine so I can't. The cool down period is still very much in effect from my Yuketen Maine Guides, but I'm still having trouble resisting. In fact, as I'm writing this, I am considering how much punishment would be "worth it." Dammit, just buy these. My marriage can't take this.

Link to Wolverine 1000 Miles and Code NFZ5916H (limited uses and expires midnight 10/22)  **Update - NGF0946N expires Thursday midnight, also applies to many Red Wing Heritage models


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