My Favorite Style Twitter Account - Die, Workwear!

I don't twitter, or tweet, or do whatever the active verb I'm looking for is, so when I say "my favorite Twitter account," keep in mind this compares to virtually nothing. A closely-guarded secret I've kept until now is that I only joined twitter to see when Jomers would be dropping their next pants so I could finally check them out for myself (they're alright I guess, but not sure what all the Jomers boners are about..aka Joners?). But one day while I was bored on the toilet, I came across Derek Guy's Die, Workwear! Twitter account, and now I'm pretty convinced he's my spirit animal.

If you need something to read while on the train or on the john, have a look at Die, Workwear's Twitter. I don't know much about Twitter, but I have read a lot of things in the bathroom in my time.

This post has also served as a wake up call for me to start eating more fiber.

*Update* - As you may be able to tell from one snippet above, I should point out that this account includes some political commentary as well, which has understandably become more prominent after the events of this past week unfolded. It's still primarily style-focused, but please take this into account if things like this bother you. The only thing I'll say is that it's definitely been the most shocking and, quite honestly, disturbing turn of events in America that I've witnessed in my lifetime, but whether or not you agree with me I hope we can move forward as a society without giving in to the darkest corners of our society and our own interests at the cost of our brothers.


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