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I made a resolution not to buy as much stuff I don't need this year, but man does this sale test that resolve. The Suitsupply Outlet just opened today, and I'd highly recommend it to those who 1) know their sizes or measurements very well or 2) aren't looking for a first suit.

Suitsupply sells menswear in both slim and fuller fitting cuts, and also offers a gamut of fabrics and patterns from the plain to the more outlandish. As you might have guessed, what makes it into the outlet tends to be some of the louder fabrics and "statement" pieces as well as seasonal fabrics like heavier wools and lighter linens. The risk is that all is final sale, though I have seen some of it sell on eBay for more than the outlet charged in the first place (your mileage may vary). But for the right guy, who is looking for something a little different to fill out the closet or a good coat, it's hard to do better at these prices.

Outerwear especially is a great value, and for designs which you flat out cannot find usually until you hit a higher price point level. An extra plus is that outerwear also affords the ability to wear stronger patterns and different fabrics than you could in a suit made in the same fabric without turning a lot of heads. SuSu's Merano line is especially great, with features like turnback cuffs and martingale belt in addition to the fantastic cut. I have one in a brown wool herringbone that I got in last year's outlet sale.

I've been staring at this soft-shouldered, patch-pocketed Mercer wool alpaca suit for 20 minutes telling myself I don't have much occasion to wear suits, but the three piece design and fabric texture are telling me otherwise. Do me a favor and buy it so I don't have to keep looking at it.

Words of advice - if you're not sure about it (sizing or otherwise), do as much research as you can quickly to view size charts, fabric swatches, maybe some fit pics here and there online or pieces getting sold secondhand to compare color, etc. I say quickly because once word is out, this really is a minute to minute type of sale, and one that no one really knows the frequency of.

But DAMMIT that Mercer suit. Look at this fabric swatch. LOOK AT IT.

I need to go walk this off.

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