Epaulet Closing Sale

The Epaulet store in NYC had their closing sale in the physical location over the weekend and tomorrow will be opening up their online portal to sell remaining stock. If you're signed up for the newsletter it should be coming tomorrow, but one of the owners posted on Reddit today noting that you can shop early online here:

Closing Sale Link

Epaulet Steerhide Tennis Trainers

Enter in promo code CLOSING40-FINAL-SALE to get an extra 40% off listed prices. Some good prices on Alden footwear as well as a selection of blazers and sneakers. When I was looking to buy some simple, well-made sneakers, Epaulet's trainers were definitely on my list and what I would buy now if I needed a good pair. 

Be aware all sales are final. Ultra final. So email them if you have any sizing questions at contact@epauletnewyork.com.


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