Need Wooden Hangers? Check Your Local American Apparel

I heard through the interwebs that American Apparel has been clearing out there stores in true "everything must go" style prior to their stores closing, and a guy in Chicago was able to score a box full of wooden hangers for $5. Apparently, it's pretty common for stores to sell off all their hangers upon closing for almost nothing. My local American Apparel in Philly is closing in a week, so I decided to check it out today. Sure enough, they handed me a large paper bag and told me however many hangers I could fit in there was five dollars (cash only).

For me, that ended up being 30 hangers, which works out to a little less than 17 cents per hanger. I might have been able to put 5-10 more in there, but was worried my bag might break on the way home. One of the girls noted that they should be getting in more soon prior to close as well.  They're also selling ugly store fixtures if you need something to make your home off-putting.


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