Archive Sale at No Man Walks Alone - 3 Days Only

With the amount of sales that occur during the year, it can be hard sometimes to get a sense for what a good sale is and what could probably be passed over. My favorite online store, No Man Walks Alone, just launched their private archive sale for just the next three days. As a reference, for the quality and range of inventory on sale, you should know that prices are not just low, they are stupid bananas.

It goes without saying that purchases are final sale - so I guess it does go with saying. But if you're not sure about sizing and are as averse to risk as I am, Kyle at NMWA has been really helpful to me in the past with measurements and size recommendations. Things are moving fast, so I'd suggest you do the same if you have your eye on something. I would also highly recommend looking through the entire selection, but some specific pics below.

Link to Sale

Some Picks:

ts(s) Duffle Coat (size 4) - $168: 

Easily one of the highlights of the sale. I have a slight aversion to most duffle coats, but ts(s) hit the nail right on the head with their more interesting and sophisticated take. Sometimes I'm glad when things aren't in my size, because if it was I'd definitely have to buy this and then explain to my wife why I need another jacket. "BECAUSE LOOK AT IT" has never achieved the desired effect, from my experience.

Monitaly Shawl Belted Field Coat (size 44) - $159: 

I bought this a few years ago for about $350 and it was worth every penny. $159 is just stupid. My awkward fit pics here (you can also find some of Greg (from NMWA) on the Styleforum affiliate thread. The geometric stripe wool patch pocket jacket also on sale piques my interest as well, though that would never make anyone's capsule wardrobe list.

*update - field coat just sold out*

Buttero Side Zip Boots - $192: 

If you read Put This On and Die, Workwear, you might remember a few articles about wearing side zips (in fact, one was just posted the other day with some options, including Buttero). These Butteros on sale are fantastic and should fit the bill easily. If you're unsure about the sizing, shoot NMWA customer service an email and they should be able to help you out.


Buttero Tanino Suede Sneakers (multiple colors, taupe linked) - $126-130: 

I love my own Buttero Taninos, which have only been getting better with time. These prices are as low as I've seen. For me, the regular suede version looks great in taupe, but there are some perforated models available as well for slightly lower prices.

Camoshita Suit (size 54) - $393: 

Versatile it is not, but a great example of what makes Camoshita so desirable and unique in the marketplace today. It's not quite the price I've read about recently on a once-in-a-lifetime $75 secondhand Camoshita pickup at Street x Sprezza, $393 for a new Camoshita suit is still unheard of.

EoToTo Collarless Trucker Jacket - $105: 

I've actually been keeping my eye on this jacket and have gotten close to purchasing it a few times, but I've never been sure I could pull it off personally. A statement piece for sure, NMWA featured it during a tongue in cheek stylist contest for some reference fit pics a while back. For only $105 now, it's mighty tempting if you're looking for something to inject some life into your wardrobe.


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