Better Sweats - Todd Snyder x Champion Collab on Sale at Century 21

I don't really wear sweats. I do coucher-cise in my living room, but cooler months usually find me in shawl collar cardigans more than anything else, which are more easily slipped on/off and tend to look better than the majority of sweats out there. That being said, if I did wear activewear I'd highly consider pickup some up from Todd Snyder, former J. Crew head of menswear design turned eponymous label, who partnered up with Champion a few years ago to create a rugged activewear capsule collection that's become quite popular. In the line, you'll generally find more premium materials, vintage detailing, and a higher level of construction.

Classic Garment-Dyed Sweatshirt (item info)
A number of items just got added to Century 21's site, with their standard garment dyed sweatshirt on sale for $34.99 (what I'd buy myself, currently on sale on the Todd Snyder website for $79 marked down from $98), short sleeved and french terry sweats at $29.99, and a smattering of other pieces for prices lower than I've seen before (you can skip the YOLO-type graphic tees, though). For reference, prior posted sales on deals forums have hit mid $40s range in months and years prior, but that's been a bit hard to come by.

If you've been looking at picking up some higher quality activewear but are not on board with whatever the hell is going on with the likes of J. Crew x New Balance (AKA the worst thing ever), the price of entry has been lowered temporarily. I have to say, even with my own aversion to the genre I've been close to buying more than a few times since they got dropped yesterday.

Link to the Sale (including mainline Todd Snyder items)

Second Link (for items erroneously labeled "Champion" only)


  1. Wonderful price dropping on these sweatshirts. My sister always choose to shop Alo Yoga leg wear because of its comfort ability. Even the stretch is amazing during exercises. Elastic waist bands are great. I will also shop for same styles whenever she orders next time.


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