You Already Know What It Is - Mr. Porter Summer Sale Starts

The Mr. Porter summer sale just dropped as everyone is still stuck in the refractory period following Memorial Day purchases. If you didn't know, Mr. Porter sales are generally unrivaled in regard to value for the level of inventory available. It's not really a time to be buying J. Crew chinos. It's a time to be buying things you absolutely love for years.

Link to the Sale

In terms of strategy, the first tier of the step-wise discounts - up to 50% off - is best for buying things that don't normally go on sale. Think classic staple items or big purchases (like my Hand Oiled Schott Perfecto from a few years ago). Something like this Private White VC Twin Track Jacket that Ian Anderson/From Squalor To Baller did a review on a few months ago - a really nice price for what's essentially a next-level Barbour, and what I'd be looking at myself to pick up if I was in the market. I doubt all sizes are still going to be available come morning.

In a few weeks when the sale goes to 70-80% off, that's the time to pick up the awesome stuff that slipped through the cracks for insane prices, like the Kapital Denim Peacoat from last year I got for a steal. So you can set a page monitor on things you like but wouldn't cry over if you missed, and you'll be first to know if it drops further. This is the way to build a kickass wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. Because as a wise man once said:

I would describe my style as "things nobody wanted at full price."
-Derek Guy

Things are moving very quickly, but you owe it to yourself to take a real browse. Special recognition goes to the Kingsman line, which was created for the movie but then kept on as Mr. Porter's "house" brand - full of great collaborative items like the Mackintosh field jacket below. Eidos also has some incredible pieces this year, like the ghurka pants and shorts that have been all but run through by this morning.

Kingsman Mackintosh Field Jacket

RRL Wool and Leather Bomber
Ghurka Trousers


  1. Many thanks again for the heads up on Tuesday. Saw it here first.

    Now that the dust has more or less settled, the big question is of course when will the next level of discounts will kick in. Do you remember how close to being exactly two weeks after the initial kick off that has been in the last couple of years?

    1. Hey Matt - glad I could help. I was just checking my last year's posts and I believe the sale started on 6/6/16 and then went to 70% off on 6/20/16. So if last year was any indication, it seems like it may be around two weeks or so. I'm waiting on that next step myself as well to see if I can swipe anything (I don't need that much) for real cheap.

    2. Ahhhh, so two weeks last year right on the button. Thanks for the word and good luck with the swiping round about then!


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