Mr. Porter - More Lines Just Added

Mr. Porter dumped a fresh batch of stock into their Spring/Summer sale just after midnight - a lot of outerwear and leather jackets from brands like Belstaff, Blackmeans, Sandro, Rick Owens, and RRL are new rather than just restocked returns, and in the span of a minute the number of pages in my size went from just a couple to nine. There are also a couple new bags in the accessories department (though generally underwhelming) and some great stock in the footwear section as well (like these Common Projects shown below - not sure I've ever seen a white colorway at this price). New stock mostly seems to be discounted at 70% off, as well.  

If you're up early in the morning and reading this, maybe skip breakfast or brushing your teeth for a few minutes so you can look through that's available things tend to get run through in a few hours once word gets out.

Just chew a piece of gum or something.

As for what happens next, it's really anyone's guess. Prior sales have hit 80% off at some point, though this year things seem to be off cycle. As always, shipping and returns are free.

Mr. Porter Sale


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