Mr. Porter Spring/Summer Sale Hits 70% Off

The Mr. Porter sale has hit the next tier of discounts, now up to 70% off one of the best menswear inventories around. This is the second of three expected tiers, with the last being up to 80% off. Hard to predict when that will be, but the second and third tier drops are even more hectic than the first. If you are thinking about picking something up, I'd recommend that you just do it and ponder it later. Mr. Porter sales ship free with free returns, so there's really no risk here. This is one of the main reasons that the sale is so good, and things will be moving very quickly.

I've mentioned the excellent Kingsman line before, but just wanted to throw out that these are probably the lowest prices I've seen on By Walid items. If you don't know the brand or tend to dress within the dotted lines, so to speak, the pieces may seem a bit outlandish (and still expensive), but it's rare you'll ever see this level of texture orgy done with a high level of sophistication. For excellent fits on those, check out some of these IG fits from Eric, who was previously featured in Styleforum's member focus.

Link to Sale

Kingsman x Mackintosh Field Jacket - Still Available


  1. The much awaited sale is finally here. I like their clothing line. They have a lovely range of dresses for both men and women as well as for kids. This is one of their most popular design.


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