Someone Else - Stories Behind the Clothing

Inside Horween from Someone Else  (zebra shoes second from the left)
“I remember when they ran the zebras here. I was a kid. Zebra was one of the alternatives that they looked at when the horsehide availability started to become more difficult. They sent over a couple shells and I think that was all they got out of them, enough for one pair of shoes. Now I'm happier to stay away from stuff like that. They tell you that (the hides are) legitimately taken, but it's hard to check, and we want to do things in a responsible way. I can give you origin (of all current Horween leather) back to the packing house.” 
- Skip Horween

At the antique market with Yuki Matsuda
I don't recall exactly how I came across Someone Else. I do, however, distinctly remember the feeling I had the moment I realized how good it was. There's no shortage of sites and Instagram accounts filled with good looking people focused on how to quickly "get the look" these days. Everything is hyped with marketing buzzwords, and it often encourages a mindset of trying to achieve a certain aesthetic, more or less, with the least amount of contemplation necessary to do so. There aren't nearly as many sites that care to delve beyond the superficial.

Self-described as looking at what lies "under the surface of style," Someone Else at its simplest tells the stories of the people behind some of the best brands in menswear - Yuketen/Monitaly, Ebbetts Field Flannels, Horween, and so on. Everything is well-considered. The site is cleanly designed and devoid of any extra frills, the pictures are stellar, and the interviews are even better. I especially enjoyed "Hype-Free Heritage: Inside the Horween Leather Archives," but I'd highly encourage reading through their entire archives if you have the time.

And you do. You're here right now.

In a letter from the editor, they recently announced an upcoming weekly series exploring New England towns and the brands representing them as a counterpoint to a puff piece GQ put out in 2014 titled, "The New New England Thing: 7 Preppy Looks for Spring." Now who can't get behind that?


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