Engineered Garments on Sale at Century 21 - Bedford Jackets ($99.99) and More

EG Bedford Jacket in Homespun Cotton, Band Collar Shirt, Fatigue Pants (as seen at End Clothing)

You truly never know what you're going to find at Century 21, which along with Barneys Warehouse and Yoox are the best online outlets around for finding true designer clearance items. Picks for C21 are usually better in store and the online site can get bogged down in filler outlet garbage, but once in a while something big will just land on the site like a straight mic drop. In this case, it's a whole lot of Engineered Garments stock - much of it some of the more favorite and approachable pieces from Daiki Suzuki's cult classic brand.

Though EG is technically an American brand (and Made in America), the design is unmistakably driven by a Japanese approach - detail obsessed with a penchant for the slightly quirky, a reverence for the reference Americana, and a fearlessness in reinterpreting that inspiration from another perspective. It's famously said that a pattern maker once remarked Suzuki's clothing was more engineered than designed.

EG Olive Field Jacket

The prices at C21 for EG on sale are lower than I've ever seen before - especially for signature styles like their iconic Bedford jacket. Check online and you'll see cotton Bedford jackets usually selling around the $200 mark on sale, with retail prices ~ $350 USD. $99 (+ free shipping) is unheard of.

If you've ever looked through an Engineered Garments lookbook before, you'll no doubt recognize the full-on aesthetic isn't for everyone. But many pieces would fit in rather easily with the average guy's wardrobe while lending just a touch of "engineered" detail. I already mentioned the Bedford pictured above, but the Baker jacket, "button front utility jacket" aka the BDU jacket and, olive field jacket are also rather approachable.

Note that Japanese-designed clothing tends to be proportioned slightly differently than Western clothes, with narrower shoulders and a tendency towards shorter body lengths, though workwear has long been a genre of clothing with a more relaxed view towards classical rules. I'd advise just googling a couple product names to get a better idea of fit if you're unsure. If you need sizing advice, some online boutiques like Context Clothing and End Clothing should be able to set you straight (most are TTS).

For those already familiar with Engineered Garments, the value is obvious. For the uninitiated, these prices are as palatable as you'll ever find to test the waters.

Engineered Garments at Century 21

Baker Jacket in Chambray

Baker Jacket
BDU Jacket
Bedford in Grey Homespun Cotton
Banded Collar Paisley Shirt
Chambray Work Shirt