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Truth be told, I've been a little sad about Antonio Ciongoli's announcement he's leaving Eidos Napoli after the season. What he's done, and consequently Eidos Napoli have done, has been nothing short of amazing, turning a rather generic classic menswear company into a global "grail" brand since he took over just a few years ago. Eidos progressively bridged the gap between tailored menswear and streetwear-type style in such an organic and timely manner that it somehow always seems to capture the current ethos of menswear. Years ago, when many men were discovering their sartorial selves in a mostly classically tailored fashion, it seems so too was Eidos. And as the years went on, men started slowly ditching the suits, experimenting with more casual looks, fabrics, and silhouettes. At Eidos, the lines became more unique, more expressive, and in many ways more emotionally evoking from season to season. So while I'm excited to see what Antonio does next, it's hard not to feel a touch of melancholy that this phase of Eidos Napoli's history is passing.

The collections in the last two years have been especially exciting, and I've been keeping tabs on Eidos here and there as past seasons have occasionally hit sales outlets around the net. Barneys Warehouse, my favorite online outlet, currently has a good deal of Eidos Napoli stock, with some getting additional discounts up to 40% off (no code needed) going on right now during their "9 to 5 Sale." Some picks below.

Eidos Wrap Coat

Wrap Coat - $471.75 (from $1375) - Originally from AW2016, one of the best pieces of outerwear I've seen in a long time, and an article that embodies the Eidos aesthetic perfectly. Truth be told, the wrap coat was half the reason I even wrote this post. If there was one in my size I'd have bought it immediately and braced myself for the ensuing wife fury, knowing in my heart it was all worth it even as the fires of hell surrounded me. Fortunately, Barney's photography is atrocious and it looks comedically horrible on the model on their website, so I don't think random people are going to get drawn in on impulse unless you already knew what it was. But you can see what it looks like when styled correctly in the photos above. It even looks great on women.

Cotton "Seersucker" Field Jacket - $321.75 (from $995) - If Eidos were known by just a handful of signature pieces, their iconic field coat would probably be at the top of that list. There are those quotes again, because this may not actually be seersucker at all. The model looks suspiciously like a field jacket that No Man Walks Alone posted in SS2016, noting it's not seersucker but a Japanese cotton with woven stripe pattern on their Instagram feed. There's another field jacket model available in dark blue as well (no additional sale at $599).

"Houndstooth" Overcoat - $336.75 (from $995) - Perhaps incorrectly-named on Barney's site for another actual houndstooth overcoat of the same design also from AW2015, it features a drawstring waist and a collar that would look and feel great stood up against the winter chill.

You can find the rest of Barney's Eidos stock at the link below, including some nice pants and casual shirts as well. If there's something you want but you'd like to see at a lower price, as long as it's not something you can't live without I'd just hold off and keep your eye on it, as sales at Barneys Warehouse can occasionally get nutty.

Eidos Napoli at Barneys Warehouse (Main Link)


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