Something to Keep Your Eye On: Red Wing Beckman at Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post hasn't updated their Red Wing stock for a long, long time, but recently restocked on some Iron Rangers and Beckmans in various colors and sizes (seconds quality - meaning usually a minor cosmetic blemish). The Iron Rangers qualified for the usual further discount code, which promptly sold them out in a few hours at ~$139. The Beckmans, however, briefly checked out with the coupon codes but then were taken off of additional promotion, leaving the current price ~$200.

The Beckman model is the slightly more refined brother to the Iron Ranger, built on the same Red Wing "8" last with a 6 inch round toe, 270 degree goodyear welt, and finished with a Vibram Roccia sole vs. the nitrile cork sole of the IR. For inclement weather, a rubber sole is really the only way to go and is something I've been looking for more in the footwear I plan on wearing heavily. General consensus is to size down from your Brannock size by half to a full size (the last is also bit narrow). 

If you're not familiar with STP and their DealFlyer email codes, read this intro first. The best strategy at this time would be to wait unless you can't live without them. Otherwise, if you don't mind paying for firsts, some people have had success price matching with Nordstrom's online service. If/once an applicable 30-40% additional code is released for Sierra Trading Post, have your size and color picked out prior and check out immediately. Once it drops, the sale likely won't last the day.

You know what they say - early bird gets the Beckmans. Ben Franklin, I think it was.


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