Clarks Desert Boots and Wallabees at STP (from $55.96 + Shipping with Extra 30% Discount)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently - got back from a vacation today and had to catch up a bit. You truly never know what you'll find at Sierra Trading Post, but in browsing through new items I came across the Clarks Desert Boot and Wallabee on pretty deep discount - around the lowest I've seen on a quick background search.

Clarks Wallabee Lows in Sand Suede
The desert boot chukka is easily in most top 10 lists of boots every man should own, and the Clarks version is the prototypical model. These are often confused with the Bushacre models, which miss the crepe sole and strip them of a large part of their appeal, in my opinion. The Wallabee is clearly not as versatile as either of those, though I go back and forth between hating them and thinking they are really cool when worked into some higher level outfits. Conventional wisdom notes to size down from Brannock 1/2 to 1 size for the DBs, though I've heard Wallabees run not quite as large.

Do not buy these without an extra discount code. Here's my most recent extra 30% off code with free shipping over $100: NNF0406W, which should work for a few orders (they expire usually within a couple days or a certain order count), but you should really sign up for their Dealflyer if you haven't before. More info on that here if you're new to STP.



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