Wolverine 1000 Mile 2nds on STP for $139.96 Shipped

This won't last very long. Wolverine 1000 Mile boots are among the most beloved rugged workwear/Americana footwear out there. I own the bison leather centennial version, but I'd pick these up in a heartbeat if I could justify it (to my wife. I can always justify it to myself - come on now). Every time they show up on STP they clear out in a hurry. Note they're seconds quality, which is usually a cosmetic blemish of varying degrees (usually small and sometimes unnoticeable, but they can be worse in rare cases). 

Conventional wisdom notes to size down 1/2 to 1 size from your Brannock size/normal dress shoe size. Also note that "Cordovan No 8" is just a color, not actual cordovan. You wish.

You will need an extra discount code to get the price down to $139.96 with free shipping. You're free to use my code KVR6059B, but it is used up after a few purchases. Best to sign up for their Dealflyer so you have a code ready when needed. You can find some rock bottom prices on occasion if you're patient.

Update 3/9/16 - Yeah, they're gone.


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