Mr. Porter Sale Hits 70% Off

...and the site crashed immediately. Looks like some great deals to be had based on the page loading 1 out of every 20 times and then crashing again (around 2 AM).

I'd imagine this should be worked out in the next few hours, but trying to decide if sleep > deals is sometimes a tough nut to crack. #firstworldmenswearproblems. Prior picks here.

Mr. Porter Sale

**Update 4 AM: Most site functionality for browsing/adding products restored, but the shopping cart often gives an error if you try to modify it. By trial and error combined with rote stubbornness I was able to finally check out this Kapital Denim Peacoat at 70% off. If this was anything but the Mr. Porter sale or the Unionmade Archive sale, perhaps, I would have been asleep long ago. Turns out deals > sleep.

**Looks like everything is back in working order. Further discounts likely coming in the next week or two, and stock should be shifting pretty much continually during this time, so this is a good time to really keep on top of an item you really want, even if it's not in stock right now. There's a reason this is possibly the best semi-annual sale out there, bar none.

**Update 6/23 - Got the Kapital Peacoat in the mail today, which I ordered in two sizes to make sure I sized correctly. It's awesome - I'll be sending the Size 3 back, which fits on the smaller side of US small. So if you're around ~145 lbs or less, keep your eyes open in a couple days. Otherwise, look for some impressions or a full review here sometime in the future.


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