What I Wore Today - Buttero B101 Boots and Mackage Shearling

Given the specific aesthetic of my most recent boot purchase, a pair of Buttero powdered nubuck boots, I've been getting some questions about what I wear with it. So here's a few fit pics from this week, where the late winter weather has permitted me to continue indulging my outerwear fetish.

Jacket: Mackage, Sweater - Banana Republic, Jeans - Neuw Denim, Boots - Buttero, Sunglasses - Persol

I bought this shearling jacket years ago when I was just starting to figure out how to dress better. As you may expect, the vast majority of things I bought at that time I'd characterize as being "a learning experience" (aka things I would never wear today), but this jacket is one of the rare bright spots in a sea of too-tight chinos and skinny ties. Subtle panelling, a slightly dramatic collar, and weight and warmth to keep you warm in the 30-40s, it was made by Mackage, an outerwear designer in the mold of Vince/Rag & Bone/etc. that I don't usually care for. But I found this one in a Saks Off 5th outlet in a rack of otherwise underwhelming Mackage stuff, and it really stood apart, especially at ~$230, which for a beefy shearling jacket is straight bananas.

I've never felt faux leather aka vegan leather to be a even a half-decent facsimile of the real thing, and shearling is no different - it may be even worse actually, given the visual attraction that the exposed wool draws. The problem is that it's normally crazy expensive, so finding a good design at a decent price is like waiting for lightning to strike. "Well that's great and all, but that could never happen to me," you say. It's true I can't say for sure that it would, but that's part of the game of buying at the bottom of the totem pole, where prices are often insane but you're left to feast on the seconds or thirds of what other, more liberally spending men have passed over. Just like a mantis.

The point of what I'm trying to say is if you play in enough lightning storms, you're bound to get hit eventually. And somehow I've ended up in an analogy where being electrocuted is desirable, so I'm going to finish this post now.

This is Bowser. Bowser has no regard for the sanctity of fit pics. Moments later, he
took a human-sized dump in that very spot I was standing in SMH


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